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 George Clooney Aficionados News 19 November 2016

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PostSubject: George Clooney Aficionados News 19 November 2016   Fri Nov 18, 2016 4:25 pm

George Clooney got to play some basketball with Tony Parker from the Spurs along with Matt Damon.

Picture in George Clooney Real (Reel) News

This is part of an article about Amal Clooney and her meeting with Iraqi amabassador. Amal is a junior lawyer who seems to think with the last name of Clooney should get what she wants like at home with all these houses and designer clothes,

While Clooney was arguing about injustices faced by Yazidi people in Iraq, the Iraqi ambassador tried his best to brief the lawyer on the sufferings of people belonging to other sects as well. However, Clooney remained adamant on her viewpoint that it was the Yazidi community being tormented in Iraq. According to News Australia, the Iraqi ambassador expressed his anger against Clooney who he says not only failed to understand his perspective on the issue but tried to record the interview with an unauthorized camera crew.

“The main issue is what she did and how she did it is absolutely outrageous and using a victim of war crimes as an accessory and political currency. That makes my blood boil.”


Amal Clooney is worried about Trump and could be the legal force to take him on.

**Amal Hawking for business she isnt American and I am sure there are plenty of lawyers who are 100 times better and qualified if anyone wants to do something who actually are American.

All Amal Clooney Stories in George Clooney The Marriage

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George Clooney Aficionados News 19 November 2016
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