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 George Clooney Aficionados News 31 December 2015

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PostSubject: George Clooney Aficionados News 31 December 2015   Thu Dec 31, 2015 11:48 am

The last day of 2015 brings us no new George Clooney news. No sign of George in his usual hangout of Cabo for NYE. In fact no sign of the "happy" couple at all. Plenty of articles claiming Amal hates her new life poor little flower. Married to George Clooney, spending money life water, wearing designer duds and getting lot's of attention. How does she cope? Rumours are getting louder that Amal doesn't like George's friends way too low brow for her highness, she is vain, insecure and demanding. On the other hand we have George whose Hollywood lifestyle is just not to Amals taste. I'm sure they aren't done with each other yet and we will get some sort of happy couple pictures. George hasn't spent all this money to give up the illusion yet. It does seem everyone knows what a farce his marriage is and how much a fake the Unicorn known as Amal Clooney is her career is D list, doesn't lead or win cases and her clients are the Human Rights Violetors. people talk about her clothes because other wise they would be taking a better look at her work which she seems to be more a hobby these days then an actual career.

So will 2016 bring more Amal Clooney is the wife of hell and her and George are on the verge of a split? Will they split (we hope so she is just so wrong!) or will we get a miracle baby? We could hope that George's career will not take more hits like it did in 2015 but Money Monster doesn't look good and the Coens Bros Hail!Caesar isn't setting any fires either.


Any news or pictures we will post but it seems George Clooney is trying to be "private". More games.


Normal is an illusion what is normal for the spider is chaos for the fly. Morticia Addams
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George Clooney Aficionados News 31 December 2015
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